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The report of ALUMINIUM 2014-10th World Trade Fair & ConferenceGermany
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The report of ALUMINIUM 2014-10th World Trade Fair & Conference inGermany

Once called “the Olympic Game in Aluminum Industry”, the ALUMINIUM 2014-10th World Trade Fair & Conference was held on 7-9 October2014 inDüsseldorfGermany.

There are 5 cities chosen to hold the ALUMINIUM World Trade Fair & Conference; they areShanghai(China),Dubai(the Middle East), Düsseldorf (Germany),Sao Paulo(Brazil) andBombay(India). The ALUMINIUM World Trade Fair & Conference inGermany, the most important trade fair in Aluminum Industry, is held biennially. The ALUMINIUM World trade fair inGermanyhas showed the most advanced technologies of aluminum alloy smelting, molding and post-processing etc. The exhibitors included all the Aluminum industry leading companies, such as SAPA, Hydro, SMS Group, Alcoa.

Because of the location advantage, there were about 80% exhibitors fromEuropein this fair. At the same time, some European countries, such asGermanyandItaly, are the world’s leading industrial powers which have contributed a lot of advanced technologies and equipments. In this fair, there were bout 80 exhibitors fromChina, 20 fromTaiwan, and many from North America, South America and other parts ofAsia.

In this fair, there were 5 exhibition halls respectively presenting related raw materials, equipments and technologies used in extrusion, forging, pressure casting, and post-processing and surface treatment etc.

Based on the rich experience in the ALUMINIUM World Trade Fair inShanghai, Hoshion decided to attend the ALUMINIUM 2014-10th World Trade Fair inGermany, taking its first step to develop the European market. We rent a booth of 60 square meters with a simple and refreshing style. Many professional buyers and suppliers who came from all over the world were attracted to visit Hoshion’s booth.

Hoshion’s Chairman Mr. Li Jianxiang led a group of three staffs, including  Dr.Gao Sentainthe senior consultant in technolog, and  Sales executive Ben, to participate in the Fair.

Hoshion had shown six kinds of aluminum products in this fair. They are used in electronics (mobile phone cases and hard disk parts), automobiles (slide rail for skylight and shock absorbers), sport equipments, strollers, bathroom components and seamless pipe. They are Hoshion’s preferential products which are hit in the market.

During these three days of the fair, there were about 100 customers visiting our booth and about 30% of them tended to have cooperation with us. Compared to the products which were mainly made inChina, such as electronics, the European buyers paid more attention to the aluminum products used in sport equipments, seamless pipe and automobiles.

By attending this fair, we had a chance to know the most advanced industry in aluminum alloy and had a further understanding the way of attaining the cutting-edge technologies as well as the related information, the product development direction, and the design concept on booth. We realized the huge differences between the aluminum fair in Europe (Germany) with the aluminum fair inChina(Shanghai) in terms of scale and level. That was a valuable experience for Hoshion. In the next ALUMINIUM World Trade Fair & Conference inGermany, Hoshion will let more and more customers known our advantages and enjoy the high quality products and services from us.

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